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About Us

Food4Kids Brant-Haldimand was created in 2017 after several other communities of Food4Kids in Ontario were successful in serving children experiencing food insecurity. Brant-Haldimand was identified as a community in need, and began as a pilot project involving 50 children. Last year, the program grew to serve 210 children and is eager to continue growing. 


Food insecurity doesn't stop when classes do. That's why Food4Kids Brant-Haldimand is dedicated to serving children 52 weeks a year, including summer holidays and weekends. While filled with nutritious food items, food packages are also discreet and do not encourage stigmatization.

Kid's Drawings

While local food banks provide aid to those living with food insecurity, many children and families experience issues related to transportation, illness, etc. that can serve as barriers to accessing food. 

The direct and discreet nature of our program ensures that children who need it can have simple access to food.

Food4Kids operates around these goals:


To ensure each child is fed, every child in a household receives their own food package.


Food will be distributed to the children in Brant-Haldimand region who are most in need and would experience weekends and summer months without food if not for intervention.


The food in each food package is nutritious.


The way food is distributed does not encourage harmful stigma.

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