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There are so many plenty of innovative and enjoyable ways to support food packages:
Here are a few ideas:
Office Auction: In order to raise funds, staff members can auction off services such as babysitting or cooking a meal.
Make it Real: Participants make a pledge to live off of only a Food4Kids package for the weekend. This is a more serious way to raise money through experiencing what living with a limited food supply is like.
Muffin Mondays: A simple and delicious way to fundraise is by buying a container of muffins and selling them for $2 at your place of employment, then donating the proceeds to Food4Kids.
Golf Tournaments: Hosting a golf tournament and donating the proceeds to Food4Kids Brant-Haldimand is a fun way to raise money while bringing the community together.

Prior to hosting a fundraiser, it would be appreciated if you could contact us first. We can help to enhance your event.



Rachel at: 519-616-8778