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What We Do

We do more than talk about child hunger and poverty. We develop and deliver an impactful program that makes a significant difference in the lives of children in Brant-Haldimand region. While it is impossible to completely eliminate poverty and food insecurity, we are on track to ensuring that no children in our community have to sustain entire weekends without food.

Food insecurity occurs in households that do not have reliable access to an adequate quantity of nutritious and affordable food. This stems from financial insecurity and can look like running out of food before obtaining money to buy more, missing meals, and going hungry. A recent survey estimates that 10% of households in Brant county experience food security to some degree.


Instead of focusing on eliminating poverty, we are engaging in a shift toward preventative measures. Reducing barriers to food not only makes a difference in the student's childhood, but can create positive long-term effects, such as those related to education. Overall, our program can be instrumental in diminishing the cycle of poverty altogether.

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Child hunger can be much more devastating for a child than it might seem. Not only does it cause discomfort and health issues, it can cause social issues in relating to peers, behaviour problems, and issues with focusing in class. Many aspects of the child's life are hurt when a child experiences food insecurity.


When children receive reliable access to food, they receive more than just nourishment. They also receive the ability to focus more easily in class, exercise and play more comfortably, and to feel more secure, causing a positive effect on mental health.

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