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Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide packages of healthy food to children who are experiencing poverty, food insecurity, or who are otherwise disadvantaged during weekends and summer holidays when school food programs are not accessible.

Child hunger is a community responsibility. By working together, we can establish a program that helps those in need and brings our community together at the same time.

Opportunities to grow and thrive are created and strengthened within our community when we fight the effects of child hunger, poverty, and food insecurity.

Dignity of our participants is important to us, so we are dedicated to serving our community in a discreet and inclusive manner.

Collaboration with community partners, volunteers, schools, and donors is important to us.

Accordingly, we:

Package and distribute bags filled with healthy food items for children and youth with limited access to food during weekend and summer periods;

Ensure we reach the children who are most in need by focusing on schools in areas where poverty rates exceed 40%;

Promote education about food insecurity in the community through initiatives we conduct and our social media platform;

Engage community donors while acting as the primary support for children experiencing weekend hunger;

Value our volunteers by devoting resources to recruiting, training, and retaining those who donate their time to Food4Kids Brant-Haldimand.