Mission & Vision

Our Mission: providing packages of healthy food for elementary school students from at-risk, low-income or disadvantaged homes with little or no food during weekend periods.

We believe child and youth hunger is a community responsibility and by working together we can provide a solution-based program that addresses and responds to child hunger in our shared community.

We believe that alleviating the effects of poverty and hunger strengthens our community, providing children with opportunities to grow, excel and thrive.

We believe in facilitating programs in a non-stigmatizing, impactful and inclusive manner ensuring dignity of all participants.

We believe in collaborative partnerships with volunteers, community members, schools, businesses and funders to collectively support children and families.

We believe that by maintaining the highest standards, we can ensure positive outcomes for children and their families through leadership, transparency, accountability and diligent stewardship of community resources.

In keeping with this mission, we:

Provide backpacks filled with nutritious food for children with little or no access to food during weekend periods;

Focus on schools located in low-income and marginalized neighbourhoods with poverty rates in excess of 40% to reduce barriers for those most in-need;

Conduct public education and community-awareness initiatives designed to develop an understanding of child hunger;

Provide leadership as the primary resource for weekend food distribution for at-risk children engaging community partners;

Maintain a high standard of service through best practices and annual evaluation methods;

Devote extensive resources to recruit, train, retain and recognize volunteers to facilitate the program.

He arrived at school each day with just one piece of white bread that was moldy.

Brant Haldimand

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