The skills, compassion, and dedication brought to us by our volunteers allows us to thrive! Everyone who meets the requirements for a position is eagerly welcomed to the team. Unless accompanied by an adult, the minimum age requirement to volunteer with us is 18.

Volunteer Roles:

Packers: These are the teams and individuals who package 14-16 healthy food items into plain white bags to be distributed to schools. They are also dedicated to appropriately recycling the packaging waste produced.

Drivers: Each Friday morning, our drivers deliver 45L bins of food packages to schools.

Fundraising Committee Members: These members assist with fundraising, like the Food4Kids Brant Haldimand Annual Fundraiser held each spring, as well as volunteering for third party fundraisers such as walks/runs in the Brant-Haldimand region.

Food Drive Coordinator: These members help with local food drives and banks to transport and acquire food donations.

Please forward completed application to:


519-616- 8778