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Who We Are

Girls Talking

We are currently offering three programs:

Weekend program: Volunteers fill plain, white plastic bags with 14-16 healthy food items that are then delivered to schools and placed in the children's school bags on Friday afternoons. Our volunteers work with the school teachers and principals to ensure that this process is discreet and prevents stigma.

Summer program: Food insecurity doesn't stop when classes end for the summer. Families and children who are in need are referred for our summer program, and they can continue to receive packages of food throughout the summer containing nutritious items that promote healthy choices.

COVID-19 program: In place of food packages, $10 grocery gift cards are distributed to families with children in need during the pandemic situation while physical barriers to receiving assistance exist. We are also connecting families with resources and information related to mental health on our social media platforms, and we welcome $10 gift card donations to continue supporting this program.

Food4Kids Brant-Haldimand was developed with real and specific need in mind: food insecurity. Not only does fighting food insecurity provide a more comfortable and healthy childhood for the children Food4Kids serves, it can set up the potential for a better future. This initiative makes a difference in the lives of children and contributes to a stronger sense of community at the same time. 

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