Ready for School

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We will offer  2 programs to provide nourishment to children in need our program.

Weekend program: Plain white plastic bags are filled with 14 - 16 healthy food items and placed in the child’s backpack on Friday, before the child leaves for home for the weekend. The program is facilitated by volunteers who pack and deliver the bags to the schools, as well as school staff, teachers, and principals who ensure that the child receives the food pack, discreetly, to avoid stigma. 

Summer program: When students leave school for the summer, many of them worry about when they will see their next meal. They will tell their teachers that they don’t want to be away from school because at school they know they won’t go hungry. Schools refer children with limited access to food during the summer months. Volunteers package healthy food such as soup, whole grains, cereal, dairy, fruit and vegetables. The food supply contains 50% fresh whole foods taking advantage of our bountiful Ontario harvest!

Food4Kids Brant-Haldimand was formed to fill a need in the area of food security for children. When children are nourished consistently, their opportunities for a better future increase and their health and well-being are positively affected. They feel like they belong in their environment, whether it is the school classroom, playground, or in the greater community.

Ready for School
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